MSCEIA.IN basically works for MAHARASHTRA STATE COMMERCE EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION. MSCEIA.IN is web portal where institutes enroll and registers there typing institute; and eventually typing exams are schedule. This software is been installed in 700 institute and around 7000 thousand students has registered and given the exam till yet. Result is also declare and Certification is provided accordingly.

Inventory Management System

ITWIZZ aims to help customers optimize inventory at the point-of-use in order to reduce costs and deliver improved service levels. The system specifically targets distributors who want to get real-time visibility into their customers' stockroom inventory and to automate replenishment; health care organizations that need to optimize inventory in remote stockrooms and contractors who need to manage parts and labor on service trucks. solution we offer is fully automated inventory management. This system is unique in that it’s an Software as a Service order management solution that offers both B2B and B2C e-commerce, along with real-time rates and labels for all major shipping providers It also provides full inventory management and multi-channel capabilities to sell in online marketplaces The solution helps streamline and automate workflow by providing real-time status updates on when orders are processed, filled and shipped.

Textile Automation

ITWIZZ also deals with the textile automation with involves overall workforce at one place. It also provides software which includes inward and outward of material. It involves complete procedure from inventory management, production management, client management and quality control to increase the efficiency and smooth working of the company.

Human Resourse Management Software

Human resource management software provides an end-to-end approach to people management, it is a comprehensive payroll, human resources (HR) and talent management system that is delivered on-demand as Software-as-a-Service in the cloud, giving organizations an accessible solution for human capital management (HCM). With HRMS companies have complete visibility of the entire employee life cycle—from recruitment to retirement. It includes unified feature sets for talent acquisition, on-boarding, payroll, benefits administration, real-time reporting, performance reviews, time and attendance, succession planning and more, as well a secure role-based web portal for executives, managers and employees.

Touch Screen Kiosk

ITWIZZ provides team of well qualified experienced professionals with an aim of offering prompt and quality services require by the customers. our aim to give the best value for our customer’s money, we do this by giving products and services of excellent quality at reasonable prices. we believe that hundred percent customer satisfaction must be the ultimate goal of any business. we resource and expertise to exhibit the same at high quality, cost effective and on time targets. our company is engaged in manufacturing, marketing and servicing of touch screen kiosk. In shortspan of time our creativity and innovative ideas have reached the new heights and have been delivering a number of customized kiosk design with its various peripherals.

Cafeteria Management System

ITWIZZ is dedicated to providing quality software and services for the management. It automates the entire meal ordering process, while at the same time giving accurate data on the number of meals taken. The Cafeteria Management Software is a great way to automate your meal ordering purposes. The CMS gives the organization more controls on meals taken, what times the meals are taken, and more importantly if the meals taken are within an authorized employee shift interval.We are totally committed to this environment, and always strive to provide products, support and updates that ensure you have the most effective tools for the job.